Thursday, February 5, 2015

She's Walking!!!!

It has been a busy few weeks with Maria becoming more and more mobile.  She went from standing to fast walking within only about 3 weeks.  It took her a while to get to this point but once she discovered mobility she has embraced it fully!!

Her first tentative steps happened here in her favorite toy, the Garden.  She spent hours going in and out (and in and out and in and out) of the gate.....

I bought this toy on eBay when Gio was about this age.  It is no longer produced so anyone who wants one has to search for a used version.  It is well worth the trouble!

Enzo never misses a chance to relax.
We go to a nearby hotel pool for swimming about 3-4 times/week.  Gio takes lessons while Maria and I hang out in the water.  Her favorite part, of course, is the apple at the end.

My hedgehog waiting for the school bus.
Another afternoon at the pool!

Maria loves the table next to Paolo's side of the bed.
She rearranges his books while wearing his reading glasses.

One Sunday we went to a birthday party at the science museum.
There was a terrific show done by the man in white using dry ice.  Here they made a cloud.

Maria loved it!

Gio showed off a brand new sleeping position.
 I had no idea people could actually sleep this way!
A demonstration of how patient our dear Pepperoni can be!

                      And then one evening, out of the blue, she just started walking!!!

Gio has been lately quite obsessed with the concept of infinity.  Here he is attempting to write it.
Good luck, Gio!!
Maria's latest obsession?  Lip balm.
Of course, it goes everywhere but actually on her lips.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas in Italy

Maria and I just returned to Kyiv after a wonderful 3 weeks at our home in Italy.  Paolo, Gio, Enzo and Pepperoni will begin driving tomorrow.  I am just now sitting down to look through our photographs.  My eyes are drooping after a 3AM wakeup today to catch our plane, so excuse the short intro.  Here are some glimpses of our holiday....

Maria continues her love of foraging in the fridge.  
I quickly learned to move all eggs and wine bottles up to the top shelves. 

This is our top floor playroom.  It is a loft so easy to look down on the living room and dining room below.
Gio and Maria loved to hang out up here after dinner.  
I did not even keep track of how many times we visited our local gelato shop.
 It was a high number. 
Maria's post-nap bed head.  

Santa came!!! Sorry- this is my only photo of Christmas morning.  I have trouble now documenting our activities as the moment Maria sees my iPhone she wants it for herself.....
Christmas lunch at Nonna Luisa's.  Maria spent an entire hour ejecting and inserting a VHS tape.
This is a skill she may never get to practice again in her lifetime!

Gio bonding with his beloved cousin Pippo.

One of MANY MANY fabulous Italian meals.  This one was a a castle near our home.
Enzo sat under the table and was very well fed!
Salmon with spaghetti was a huge hit with both Gio and Maria.  
We did enjoy one snowstorm.  Maria spent every day on her swing. 
Yogurt is always a favorite.  Using a spoon is not always a top priority.

Feeding the pig (and, yes, she covered herself in post-its).

Gio and Maria received these terrific surfboard cars in the mail from Zio Tucker and Zia Molly.  
Tucker is planning to teach them both to surf one day.  Lucky kids!
One morning we drove to a nearby ski resort to go sledding.
There was a small lift that would bring us up to the top of a hill.
Lazy sledding- Gio's favorite kind. 

Gio spent a lot of time this vacation snuggling with Pepperoni.
They are really the best of friends.
Sometimes it really is more fun to eat gelato straight from the container....
...with a fork. 
Happy New Year to all!  xoxo.  Clara